Irwin Greenberg

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A queueing system is simulated in which the arrival and service rates are functions of the number of customers in the system. This type of system has been suggested as being more representative of real queueing situations than is the usual “simple” queue with constant arrival and service rates. A modification of the “time of next(More)
In a recent note in this journal Gillis and Weiss [1] have evaluated as a finite sum, and found a recurrence relation for, the integral (1) Cnt = / e~xLr(x)L,(x)L,(x) dx, Jo which gives the coefficients in the expansion Lr(x)Ls(x) = ^CtLtix), where L " (x) denotes the Laguerre polynomial, (2) L " (x) = Z(-l)'(ri)//r! This attracted my interest since about(More)
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