Irwin B Faris

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BACKGROUND The present study was performed to identify the factors associated with amputation in patients with blunt injuries to the lower limb associated with arterial injury. The ability of a scoring system to predict the outcome was tested. METHODS There were 122 lower limb arterial injuries in 119 patients treated at the Royal Adelaide Hospital in the(More)
The measurement of skin perfusion blood pressure (SPP) estimated by an isotope clearance technique has been used to predict the healing of ulcers or gangrene of the foot in 61 diabetic subjects. Healing followed conservative treatment or local surgery in 1 of 21 cases if the SPP was less than 40 mm Hg but in 35 of 40 with higher values for SPP. Healing was(More)
The study was performed in order to determine whether a local sympathetic venoarteriolar "reflex" is present in the dog hindleg. Femoral artery blood flow was measured by an electromagnetic flowmeter probe, and blood flow in the thigh muscle and subcutaneous tissue distally in the paw was measured by the local 133Xe washout technique. Twenty experiments(More)
This paper describes a method, using an interactive computer programme, for fitting a curve to data which is expected to assume a sigmoid form. The programme is specifically designed to generate best estimates of the limits and maximum slope of stimulus-response curves for the carotid sinus baroreceptor reflex, but is applicable to curve-fitting tasks in(More)
PURPOSE A review of upper extremity arterial injuries managed at the Royal Adelaide Hospital between 1969 and 1991 was undertaken because the optimal management of complex upper extremity trauma, particularly in proximal injuries, remains unclear. METHODS Patients were identified from the computer registry of patients treated by the vascular unit at the(More)
Doppler ankle pressure measurements may be misleading in some patients because medial calcification has made the arteries of the leg incompressible. This problem is especially common in diabetics. Medical calcification that is not severe enough to make an artery clinically incompressible may cause an increased stiffness of the arterial wall that will limit(More)
In the period 1957-72, 426 patients were operated upon for calculous disease of the biliary tract. For various reasons pre-exploratory operative cholangiography was not performed in 26 patients, but in the remaining 400 patients this examination was the major determinant as to whether or not the common duct contained calculi, and hence required exploration.(More)
Normal subjects and diabetic patients with and without food ulcers have been studied using an apparatus which measures the loads on the foot during walking. Diabetic patients have alterations in loading which show as a lateral shift of the highest maximum load on the forefoot and a decrease in the load carried by the toes. There is a significant progression(More)
1. The change in arterial pressure and heart rate resulting from alteration of carotid sinus transmural pressure by a median--34 mmHg and +33 mmHg by means of a variable-pressure neck chamber was tested in seven male volunteer subjects, at rest and during exertion of 35, 45 and 65% of maximum voluntary handgrip. 2. During 60 s of 35 and 45%, and during 30 s(More)