Irving Toby Wells

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AIM To assess whether multi-detector CT angiograms (MDCTA) of the lower limb arteries, compared with conventional digital subtraction angiograms (DSA), could replace invasive arteriography in patients with symptomatic peripheral arterial disease. MATERIALS AND METHODS In a prospective comparative analysis of MDCTA and DSA in 44 patients, MDCTA was(More)
Reports of the radiological features in farmer's lung are inconsistent. We have reviewed clinical and radiological findings in eight patients with farmer's lung in the acute and sub-acute phases. In the acute phase the main feature is transient widespread diffuse shadowing of air space consolidation. In the sub-acute phase, the predominant feature is fine(More)
The current role of renal embolization in carcinoma of the kidney is uncertain. In order to assess surgeons' opinion of its usefulness a questionnaire was circulated to all general urologists practising in Britain and Ireland. Also, a series of cases in which the technique was employed (n = 35) was reviewed and compared with a similar group who were not(More)
RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES Differences in leukocyte phagocytosis following exposure to different classes of radiographic contrast media (RCM) may help in the development of less toxic alternatives and be useful as a guide to contrast selection in certain patient groups. The effect of RCM on leukocyte phagocytosis of Escherichia coli was examined. METHODS(More)
The significance of median arcuate ligament-associated coeliac axis compression can be readily delineated by CT angiography but is a source of some controversy in the literature, particularly given the relatively high incidence of this finding in otherwise asymptomatic individuals. This case series, with an emphasis on CT findings, aims to (i) illustrate(More)
We present a case of ulnar artery aneurysm and dissection associated with a congenitally hypoplastic ipsilateral radial artery. We postulate that the aetiology is due to increased blood flow through the ulnar artery as a consequence of the radial artery anomaly, therefore making the ulnar artery more vulnerable to aneurysm formation and traumatic damage.(More)
Emphysematous pyelonephritis is a rare, life-threatening infection of the kidney associated with the production of gas, usually found in diabetic patients. Experience of this condition reported in the literature suggests that vigorous medical treatment and early nephrectomy are advisable. We report a case in which percutaneous renal drainage combined with(More)
The chest film findings in a series of 21 cases of serologically proven 'Q' fever with radiological evidence of pneumonia were reviewed retrospectively. Segmental opacities which were slow to clear, often with loss of volume and sometimes lobar consolidation, were the most usual findings. Lesions were occasionally multiple and sometimes became rounded(More)
Accessory spleens are common. Their clinical importance lies in the need to include their removal when performing a splenectomy for primary haematological disorders, or as the source of 'preservable' splenic tissue in cases of ruptured primary spleen. Rupture of a normal spleen almost always occurs because of trauma, spontaneous rupture is rare. In(More)