Irving Sunshine

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Thioridazine and metabolites were measured in brain, liver, and kidney specimens, obtained postmortem from two subjects whose deaths were related to acute intoxication with thioridazine, by gas-liquid chromatography. Although the absolute concentration measured for thioridazine and metabolites differed in the two cases, the metabolic pattern for each(More)
Urine specimens were analyzed in parallel with a new TLC method, an EMIT assay, and a reference GC/MS method. At a 9-carboxy-THC cutoff of 20 ng/mL, the TLC method correctly identified 92% of the positive urines and 97% of the negative urines. In contrast, only 63% of the urine specimens shown by GC/MS to contain greater than 20 ng/mL of 9-carboxy-THC were(More)
Chlordane was, prior to regulatory action by EPA in 1976, an extensively used insecticide for both household and agricultural pest control purposes. It was readily available to the general public for many years; thus, human exposure, including poisonings, has been documented. A case reporting fatal chlordane ingestion with residue levels in various body(More)