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A review of the characteristics of 145 patients with temporomandibular joint and myofascial pain-dysfunction syndrome is presented. The material includes both temporomandibular and myofascial involvements. The evidence supports the psychophysiologic etiology theory for most patients. This does not exclude anatomic abnormalities which may be present in such(More)
Changes in the vertical dimension of mandibular rest position for 50 subjects wearing complete dentures were measured on cephalometric radiographs between lead markers attached to the face and between skeletal landmarks. Measurements between the landmarks were compared on radiographs made without (edentulous) and with (edentoprosthetic) the dentures in the(More)
A number of subjects were studied cineflourographically during swallowing, and their vertical dimensions of occlusion were clinically evaluated. The subjects who had reduced vertical dimensions of occlusion were older than those with normal vertical dimensions, their dentures were older, their total years with complete dentures were more, and the tendency(More)