Irving Kanter

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A contact map is a simple representation of the structure of proteins and other chainlike macromolecules. This representation is quite amenable to numerical studies of folding. We show that the number of contact maps corresponding to the possible configurations of a polypeptide chain of N amino acids, represented by (N21)-step self-avoiding walks on a(More)
The NP-complete problems of partitioning and colouring of random graphs, with p partitions and colours respectively, are mapped onto the statistical mechanical problem of p-state Potts glasses. An estimate of the cost functions of these optimisation problems has been derived using the Potts glass mean-field theory. This estimate applies to dense graphs in(More)
The dynamics of a network of N nonlinear elements interacting via random asymmetric weights is studied analytically. A transition from an ordered phase to a chaotic one is obtained when the number of relevant modes used to construct the weights exceeds N 1y2 # d # 1. In the ordered phase the dynamics of each element is characterized by an embedding(More)
We study the properties of a noisy time series generated by a continuous-valued feed-forward network in which the next input vector is determined from past output values. Numerical simulations of a perceptron-type network exhibit the expected broadening of the noise-free attractor, without changing the attractor dimension. We show that the broadening of the(More)
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