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Several flavonoids and isoflavonoids isolated from Balaton tart cherry were assayed for prostaglandin H endoperoxide synthase (PGHS-1) enzyme or cyclooxygenase isoform-1 (COX-1) activity. Genistein showed the highest COX-1 inhibitory activity among the isoflavonoids studied, with an IC50 value of 80 microM. Kaempferol gave the highest COX-1 inhibitory(More)
Cadmium, as Cd2+, has become an environmental pollutant of significant proportions. We and others have reported that cadmium in in vitro culture can alter several metabolic parameters including the synthesis of RNA. In the present study, a detailed examination of the mechanism of inhibition was undertaken. Cadmium, at 30 microM, decreased cellular uptake of(More)
1. Lysine deficiency has been produced in rats by placing the weanling animals on an experimental diet in which gluten replaced the casein of the control diet. Both diets were complete in all other known requirements. 2. The resistance of the deficient animals to a subcutaneous challenge of several concentrations of B. anthracis spores, was decreased.(More)