Irvinder Kaur

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A combined experimental and computational study of a series of substituted pentacenes including halogenated, phenylated, silylethynylated and thiolated derivatives is presented. Experimental studies include the synthesis and characterization of six new and six known pentacene derivatives and a kinetic study of each derivative under identical photooxidative(More)
A significant technical barrier (i.e., facile oxidative degradation) that has prevented the preparation of large acenes has now been breached. Using a combination of experimentally and theoretically derived substituent effects, the design, synthesis, isolation, and characterization of the first persistent nonacene derivative is described. The molecular(More)
Substituent effects have been exploited to produce an unusually persistent heptacene derivative. In total, four new heptacene derivatives with varying levels of photooxidative resistance (1 < 2 < 3 < 4) have been synthesized. A combination of p-(t-butyl)thiophenyl substituents at positions 7 and 16 (i.e., arylthio substituents attached to the most reactive(More)
Defining pathways to assemble long-range-ordered 2D nanostructures of specifically designed organic molecules is required in order to optimize the performance of organic thin-film electronic devices. We report on the rapid fabrication of a nearly perfect self-assembled monolayer (SAM) composed of a single-domain 6,13-dichloropentacene (DCP) brick-wall(More)
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