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The translation of the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS) into Urdu was undertaken by the authors in committee. After examining initial drafts by 6 independent translators, an agreed Urdu text was given to 6 back-translators, and subsequently modified further. The evaluation of the new translation was performed in 3 stages: evaluation of(More)
Among 600 medical clinic attenders in Lahore, Pakistan, screened using the Bradford Somatic Inventory in Urdu, significant differences in symptom endorsement between 'organic' and 'mood-disordered' patients were found in 14 BSI items. Counting only those symptoms reported as present on more than 15 days during the previous month, significant differences in(More)
Six hundred medical clinic attenders at the Mayo Hospital, Lahore, Pakistan, were screened using the Bradford Somatic Inventory (BSI) in Urdu. The physicians' clinical diagnosis was recorded. The characteristics of mood-disordered, functional and no-diagnosis groups were compared with patients receiving organic diagnoses. Of the non-organic patients, only(More)
Rapid increase in internet users along with growing power of online review sites and social media has given birth to sentiment analysis or opinion mining, which aims at determining what other people think and comment. Sentiments or Opinions contain public generated content about products, services, policies and politics. People are usually interested to(More)
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