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This research work explains different aspects of Peer Sim simulator used to create nodes and simulate peer to peer overlay network topology generation protocols. PeerSimhas been tested over various protocols specifically designed to work with a heterogeneous environment and its efficiency and scalability is evaluated considering different properties of the(More)
This research paper is based on development of clusters by configuring peers in Peer-to-Peer (P2P) overlay networks in a heterogeneous environment. This heterogeneity is on the basis of difference in nodes physical parameters, such as storage space, RAM, processor cycle and processor cores etc. Heterogeneous cluster-based Newscast protocol (HCNP) is used to(More)
The paper addresses the need of efficient collaboration of peers with different levels of heterogeneity in order to share resources in p2p overlay networks. Here the heterogeneity reflects differences in peers physical resources like free storage space, processor speed etc. A non-hierarchical cluster-based approach has been introduced to make the network(More)
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