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Endophytic bacteria can provide a useful alternative to synthetic fertilizers to improve plant growth. Wild plants are little investigated as a source of growth promoting endophytic bacteria for commercial application to crops. In present study, endophytic bacteria were isolated from Cannabis sativa L. (hemp) using two different methods to examine their(More)
Exploring healing power in plants emerged in prehistory of human civilization. Sustaining good health has been achieved over the millions of years by use of plant products in various traditional sockets. A major contribution of medicinal plants to health care systems is their limitless possession of bioactive components that stimulate explicit physiological(More)
Natural products of animals, plants and microbes are potential source of important chemical compounds, with diverse applications including therapeutics. Endophytic bacteria that are especially associated with medicinal plants presents a reservoir of therapeutic compounds. Fagonia indica has been recently investigated by numerous researchers because of its(More)
Dodonaea viscosa, a wild and perennial shrub that can tolerate harsh environmental conditions, was used for the isolation of its endophytic bacteria and their potential was explored for the promotion of Canola growth. The bacteria identified through 16S rRNA gene sequencing, belonged to ten different genera namely Inquilinus, Xanthomonas, Pseudomonas,(More)
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