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Laboratory experiments were conducted to study the potential of adding gaseous toluene, as a readily degradable carbon source, to enhance phenanthrene mineralization in polluted soil (1,000 mg/kg(dry soil)) aged for 400 days. Experiments were conducted in 0.5-L column reactors packed with a mixture of (80:20 w(wet)/w(wet)) spiked soil and vermiculite and(More)
On 25 April 1998 the retention walls broke open in a pond containing the residues from a pyrite mine of Aznalcollar (southern Spain), spilling some 45 x 10(5) m3 of polluted water and toxic tailings into the Agrio and Guadiamar River basin, affecting some 55 km2. On 5 May, seven sectors in the affected area were studied, analysing tailings, polluted water,(More)
On the 25th April 1998, toxic water and tailings from a pyrite mine of Aznalcóllar (southern Spain) spilled into the Agrio and Guadiamar River Basin affecting some 40 km2. In five sectors throughout the basin, we monitored the physical and chemical properties of the tailings as well as the degree of pollution in the soils on four different sampling dates: 5(More)
Biofiltration was used to eliminate volatile organic compounds from air streams in bench-scale reactors inoculated with an adapted consortium. Organic and inert supports were tested on 100 days of operation. The supports were: peat, vermiculite, a mixture of vermiculite and activated carbon, tree bark and, porous glass Rashig rings. A mixture of benzene,(More)
Benzene, toluene, ethyl benzene and xylenes, known collectively as BTEX, are widespread contaminants, commonly found in soil, aquifers, and the atmosphere. BTEX degradation was evaluated as separate substrates and in mixtures, in liquid culture, and in packed biofilters with the filamentous fungus Pae-cilomyces variotii CBS115145. BTEX were differentially(More)
Two of the main drawbacks to be overcome before full scale implementation of boron-doped diamond electro-oxidation were addressed in this work; its energy consumption and hazard of formation of chlorinated organics. This was framed within a study in which the technical and economic feasibility of BDD electro-oxidation of landfill leachate was evaluated at(More)
This work investigates the application of the electro-oxidation technology provided with boron doped diamond (BDD), an electrode material which has shown outstanding properties in oxidation of organic and inorganic compounds, for the treatment of reverse osmosis (RO) concentrates generated in tertiary wastewater treatment plants (WWTP). Chemical oxygen(More)
Organochlorine pesticides were intensively used in Mexico from 1950 until their ban and restriction in 1991. However, the presence of these compounds is commonly reported in many regions of the country. The aim of the present study was to identify and quantify residual organochlorine and organophosphorus pesticides in agricultural soil in Rio Verde region,(More)
In the carbonate soils contaminated by a toxic spill from a pyrite mine (Aznalcóllar, southern Spain), a study was made of a thin layer (thickness = 4 mm) of polluted soil located between the pyrite tailings and the underlying soil. This layer, reddish-yellow in color due to a high Fe content, formed when sulfates (from the oxidation of sulfides)(More)