Irma Griselda Adame González

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The effects on serotoninergic, noradrenergic and cholinergic markers on neurons of the pontomesencephalic tegmentum nuclei were studied in rats following local administration of fibrillar beta-amyloid peptide (Abeta1-40) into the left retrosplenial cortex. Focal deposition of Abeta in the retrosplenial cortex resulted in a loss of serotoninergic neurons in(More)
To evaluate the effects of protein and tryptophan restriction on cholinergic neurotransmission in terms of choline acetyltransferase (CAT) activity and its expression as well as muscarinic receptors number at cerebral cortex and hippocampus, Wistar rats were raised on a chronically protein and tryptophan restricted diets with 8% protein based on either(More)
Studies from this laboratory showed that gonadectomy (GDX) alters biogenic amines concentrations in diencephalon during the first 40 days. While the GDX females maintain the differences at day 60, the differences are eliminated in males at that time. In the present work, we have studied in three cerebral regions the adrenal involvement in the mechanism(More)
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