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Collaborative vocabulary development in the context of data integration is the process of finding consensus between the experts of the different systems and domains. The complexity of this process is increased with the number of involved people, the variety of the systems to be integrated and the dynamics of their domain. In this paper we advocate that the(More)
In the engineering and manufacturing domain, there is currently an atmosphere of departure to a new era of digitized production. In different regions, initiatives in these directions are known under different names, such as industrie du futur in France, industrial internet in the US or Industrie 4.0 in Germany. While the vision of digitizing production and(More)
Advanced, highly specialized economies require instant, robust and efficient information flows within its value-added and Supply Chain networks. Especially also in the context of the recent Industry 4.0, smart manufacturing or cyber-physical systems initiatives more efficient and effective information exchange in supply networks is of paramount importance.(More)
Resumen El presente trabajo propone un procedimiento a través del Abstract This paper proposes a method by which a reasoner evaluates information from a database and automatically classifies in concepts, relationships , roles and attributes. This classification is developed through a procedure divided into two methods: first, a migration algorithm which(More)
Conformance evaluation is key in the semantic technology landscape and semantic technologies should be continuously evaluated in order to ensure their conformance using affordable evaluation methods. This paper presents two methods to automatically increase the ex-pressivity of an ontology, using existing ontologies in the Web in one of them and maximizing(More)