Iris van Leeuwen

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Standardized long-term carcinogenicity tests aim to reveal the relationship between exposure to a chemical and occurrence of a carcinogenic response. The analysis of such tests may be facilitated by the use of mathematical models. To what extent current models actually achieve this purpose is difficult to evaluate. Various aspects of chemically induced(More)
The growth potential of a tumour can significantly depend on host features such as age, cell proliferation rates and caloric intake. Although this is widely known, existing mathematical models for tumour growth do not account for it. We therefore developed a new model for tumour growth, starting from a mathematical framework that describes the host's(More)
CS2 hydrolase, a zinc-dependent enzyme that converts carbon disulfide to carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide, exists as a mixture of octameric ring and hexadecameric catenane forms in solution. A combination of size exclusion chromatography, multi-angle laser light scattering, and mass spectrometric analyses revealed that the unusual catenane structure is(More)
Short-term tomosynthesis enables continuous analysis of structures which appear interesting. The results of short-term tomosynthesis were compared with those of plain roentgenography and conventional tomography. Short-term tomosynthesis appears as an alternative to spot-film radiography and as a complement to tomography in the analysis of spatially limited(More)
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