Iris Wieser

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—Recent work has shown the feasibility of pedestrian and robotic indoor localization based only on maps of the magnetic field. To obtain a complete representation of the magnetic field without initial knowledge of the environment or any existing infrastructure, we consider an autonomous robotic platform to reduce limitations of economic or operational(More)
We present a robust and scalable algorithm to enable multiple robots to efficiently explore previously unknown environments. Applications of this algorithm include but are not limited to the exploration of scalar (e.g. concentration of a chemical substance) or vector fields (e.g. direction and intensity of the magnetic field). As opposed to previous works,(More)
OBJECTIVE Adverse childhood experiences, such as maltreatment, and affective disorders are associated with a proinflammatory state and/or variably compromised counts in lymphocyte subsets in adults. Animal models of social stress indicate that recent thymic emigrant cells (RTE), which maintain the T-cell compartment, are affected. METHODS In this study,(More)
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