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The Dutch government, hospitals, and health insurance companies have agreed on concentrating all specialist care in a few expert centers. This should lead to lower healthcare costs, but might also cause less accessible healthcare for patients living at a considerable distance from expert centers. A way to overcome less accessible healthcare, while(More)
Objective: Since the early 1980s, topical silicone sheets have been used in the treatment of hypertrophic scars and keloids.This study aimed to determine the optimal duration and application of these sheets. Design: multi-centered therapeutic study. Setting and participants: A total of 224 patients were included in this study; 205 patients with hypertrophic(More)
OBJECTIVE Very little is known about histological aspects of paediatric scars and the possible role of the immune system during their formation. In this study, the histology thoracic scars caused by the placement of an implantable central venous access device in children who underwent treatment for cancer was assessed. METHOD The amount and type of(More)
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