Iris S. Kassem

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The peristaltic reflex can be evoked in the absence of input from the CNS because the responsible neural pathways are intrinsic to the intestine. Mucosal enterochromaffin cells have been postulated to be pressure transducers, which activate the intrinsic sensory neurons that initiate the reflex by secreting 5-HT. All of the criteria necessary to establish(More)
PURPOSE Too investigate asymmetry in eyelid movements with blinking, the stability of the asymmetry, and its modifiability in normal humans. METHODS Differences in the start time and amplitude between the two eyelids were assessed for voluntary blinks and reflex blinks evoked by supraorbital trigeminal nerve stimulation. These variables were also measured(More)
We describe a rare case of an infant who was born with multiple congenital anomalies, including the absence of eyelids. This patient had many dysmorphic features consistent with a severe phenotype of ablepharon-macrostomia syndrome (AMS) including a fish-like appearance of the mouth, rudimentary ears, absence of body hair, thin skin, absent nipples,(More)
Two patients presented to the University of Illinois at Chicago Eye and Ear Infirmary within 1 year with penetrating eye injuries caused by similar collapsible cloth and wire laundry hampers. Penetrating eye injuries in children are relatively rare but can result in poor visual outcomes and multiple vision-threatening complications. Both injuries at the(More)
La variation des fréquences alléliques à trois locus commandant des caractères de coloration de la coquille et à neuf locus enzymatiques a été étudiée dans 69 populations de Cepaea nemoralis provenant de plusieurs vallées des Pyrénées françaises. Des modes différents de variation génétique semblent exister pour les fréquences des divers gènes des locus(More)
PURPOSE To report on the biometric findings of adults and children with Marfan syndrome (MFS) recruited from 2 annual National Marfan Foundation conferences (2012 and 2015). DESIGN Cross-sectional study. METHODS Subjects diagnosed with MFS by Ghent 2 nosology were included for analysis. Subjects were divided into "adults" (≥16 years of age) and(More)
The primary purpose of the eyelids is to ensure corneal integrity. An important component of this protective function is maintaining the corneal tear film. Blink characteristics can determine tear film stability. Increasing blink amplitude thickens the lipid layer that overlies the aqueous layer of the tear film. This thickening reduces evaporation of the(More)
PURPOSE To describe the clinical characteristics, treatment, and subsequent clinical course of children with exotropia and high hyperopia. METHODS The medical records of 26 patients seen between 1990 and 2009 who had an exotropia and ≥4.00 D of hyperopia were retrospectively reviewed. We analyzed the clinical characteristics, treatments, and subsequent(More)
Synkinetic aberrant innervation syndromes can involve abnormal movements of multiple extraocular and eyelid muscles. The authors describe a case of eyelid elevation associated with simultaneous adduction and depression of the eye upon chewing, sucking on a bottle, or wide opening of the mouth since birth. This represents a unique case of congenital Marcus(More)
PURPOSE Discomfort from light exposure leads to photophobia, glare, and poor vision in patients with congenital or trauma-induced iris damage. Commercial artificial iris lenses are static in nature to provide aesthetics without restoring the natural iris's dynamic response to light. A new photo-responsive artificial iris was therefore developed using a(More)