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Cytidine-rich 15-lipoxygenase differentiation control element (15-LOX DICE) is a multifunctional cis-element found in the 3'-UTR of numerous eukaryotic mRNAs. It binds KH domain proteins of the type hnRNP E and K, thus mediating mRNA stabilization and translational control. Translational silencing is caused by formation of a simple binary complex between(More)
Incorporation of a frozen human bone allograft requires osteoclast activity and ingrowth of recipient osteoblast precursors. We examined the effects of allografts on human osteoblasts. Allografts stimulated a release of factors from normal human osteoblast-like cells, capable of inducing osteoclastic bone resorption in vivo. Further allografts inhibited(More)
Several different staining procedures were carried out on decalcified histological sections from human femoral heads to demonstrate the nerves in subchondral bone. The femoral heads were obtained at surgery from patients with fractures of the femoral neck or osteoarthritic hip joints. The Bodian technique was found to be the most suitable. Serial sections(More)
The collagen content and the relative distribution of collagen Types I and III were measured in umbilical cords from newborns with congenital dislocation of the hip (CDH) and healthy controls. The total content of collagen per mg dry tissue tended to be reduced. In newborns with CDH the collagen III/I ratio was higher than in the controls. If generalized,(More)
  • I Reimann
  • 1976
On human synovial fluids obtained during operations from the knee joints of 80 patients with different joing disease, relative viscosity was measured at 3 different shear rates and the boundary lubrication was tested by the coefficient of friction in an artificial rubber/glass system. The results were evaluated in relation to the operative findings. The(More)
Repair of three-month-old longitudinal meniscal lesions in the central avascular portion of the knee joint was investigated in 18 rabbits. Three months after a longitudinal incision was made in the avascular portion of the meniscus, no healing was observed. At that time a full-thickness radial cut from the lesion to the joint capsule, without using synovial(More)
In rabbit reticulocytes an arachidonic acid 15-lipoxygenase (15-LOX) is expressed at high yield. Rescreening a rabbit reticulocyte cDNA library for alternative 15-LOX transcripts, a full length cDNA which encodes a novel lipoxygenase was isolated. The predicted amino acid sequence of this enzyme shared a high degree (99%) of identity with the(More)
The area of bone-metal interaction in uncemented implants is regarded by many investigators as the key to the success or failure of the implant. The nature of the interaction is poorly understood because the zone is technically difficult to visualize and analyze. In order to test the power of modern imaging, analyzing, and metallurgical methods in this(More)
By screening a rabbit reticulocyte library, an alternative 15-LOX transcript of 3.6 kb (15-LOX mRNA2) was detected containing a 1019 nt longer 3'-untranslated region (UTR2) than the main 2.6 kb mRNA (15-LOX mRNA1). In anaemic animals, northern blotting showed that 15-LOX mRNA2 was predominantly expressed in non-erythroid tissues, whereas 15-LOX mRNA1 was(More)