Iris Fung Kam Lee

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AIM This paper reports an evaluation of the effects on knowledge, health beliefs and preventive behaviours of an osteoporosis educational programme for men. BACKGROUND Osteoporosis is an increasing global health concern, and educational programmes have been identified as a crucial strategy in its prevention. However, the effectiveness of osteoporosis(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the contribution of the gut microbiota to the pathogenesis of uveitis. METHODS Experimental autoimmune uveitis (EAU) in B10.RIII mice was induced using interphotoreceptor binding protein peptide. Mice were treated with oral or intraperitoneal (IP) antibiotics. Effector (Teff) and regulatory (Treg) T lymphocytes were identified using(More)
An 86-year-old man with atrial fibrillation on anticoagulation was admitted to another hospital for an upper gastrointestinal bleed after accidental ingestion of a plastic bread clip. He required 11 units of packed red blood cells for resuscitation. Esophagogastroduodenoscopy demonstrated the clip firmly wedged onto a duodenal fold (Figure 1) with bleeding(More)
Giant-cell arteritis (GCA) is a visually devastating disease that often progresses to severe bilateral vision loss if untreated. Diagnosis of GCA is made challenging by the protean nature of the disease and the lack of a simple test that is both highly sensitive and specific. Choroidal filling delay on fluorescein angiography (FA) has been touted as a(More)
BACKGROUND Metabolic syndrome (MS) increases the risk of cardiovascular events and the development of diabetes. This article reports the effects of lifestyle intervention on the physiological outcomes of people with or at high risk of MS in the community setting of Hong Kong. METHODS Chinese adults with 2 or more MS components were recruited from 13(More)
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