Iris Fattal

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This study explored the effect of thiamine deficiency during early infancy on the development of syntax and lexical retrieval. We tested syntactic comprehension and production, lexical retrieval abilities and conceptual abilities of 59 children aged 5-7 years who had been fed during their first year of life with a thiamine-deficient milk substitute. We(More)
Varlokosta, Spyridoula; Belletti , Adriana; Costa, João; Friedmann, Naama; Gavarró, Anna; Grohmann, Kleanthes; Teresa Guasti, Maria; Tuller, Laurice; Andjelkovic, Darinka; Argemí, Núria; Avram, Larisa; Berends, Sanne; Brunetto, Valentina; Delage, Hélène; Ezeizabarrena Segurola, María-José; Fattal, Iris; Haman, Ewa; van Hout, Angeliek; van der Lely, Heather;(More)
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