Iris Epstein

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The aim of this descriptive exploratory study was to determine the perspectives of parents and children with cancer on a home chemotherapy program. Qualitative analyses were used to organize data from 24 parents and 14 children into emerging themes. Themes included (1) financial and time costs, (2) disruption to daily routines, (3) psychological and(More)
When conducting photo elicitation interviews (PEI), researchers introduce photographs into the interview context. Although PEI has been employed across a wide variety of disciplines and participants, little has been written about the use of photographs in interviews with children. In this article, the authors review the use of PEI in a research study that(More)
Chronic illness in children may negatively affect aspects of health-related quality of life (HRQL). Over many years, camps have been organized to address the physical and psychosocial needs of children with various chronic illnesses, while providing a "normal" as possible camp experience. The aim of this study was to critically review all research examining(More)
The objective of this study was to describe adolescents' with cancer experience in an adventure therapy program from a health related quality of life (HRQL) perspective. A qualitative descriptive research method was used. Eleven adolescents and five health professionals participated in a guided group adventure therapy expedition in a remote area of Canada.(More)
BACKGROUND An integrative review regarding undergraduate level statistics pedagogy for nurses revealed a paucity of research to inform curricula development and delivery. OBJECTIVE The aim of the study was to explore alumni nurses' perspectives about statistics education and its application to practice. DESIGN A mixed-method approach was used whereby a(More)
This integrative review explores the question, "What is known about blogging as a pedagogical tool in nursing education?" The qualitative methods of this review are based in social constructivism and collaborative learning principles. Results of a literature search that used inclusion and exclusion criteria identified 15 articles, five of which were related(More)
Although puppets have been employed by various disciplines in clinical and community (e.g. homes and schools) environments, little has been written about their use as a communication tool in research. In this article, a critical review of the literature is undertaken integrating the use of puppets in a qualitative research study exploring children's(More)
Nursing schools are required to ensure that the clinical and academic milieu prepares nurses not only to recognize but also to act on various ethical issues. As a result of our years teaching nursing ethics to undergraduate nursing students we have come to believe there is a disconnect between classroom teaching and students' experiences in practice. How(More)
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  • 2004
In adventure therapy (AT), health professionals and adolescents with cancer come together to explore the wilderness of nature. One goal of this therapy is to encourage the adolescents to enhance their self-concept as part of an overall physical, cognitive, emotional or spiritual, social and psychological, or developmental rehabilitation that promotes(More)