Iris E Cardiel

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Feathers provide a potentially useful biomonitoring option in studies regarding pollution exposure in avian species. However, they must be used with care because the complex, fine structure is highly prone to accumulating surface contamination. This may therefore give a misleading indication of pollutant intake in the animal. Here, data are presented for 4(More)
INTRODUCTION The authors present the results of a series of 121 cases of posterior vertebral fixation carried out from Sept 2008 to Sept 2010 using Flouro 2D-TC assisted Vector Vision o Kolibri navigator. ( Brain LAB, Feldkirchen, Germany). MATERIAL The sample included 68 males and 53 females. Age range was 24-75 with an average of 50.35., all with(More)
Livers from 130 specimens corresponding to 18 species of raptors from Spain were analysed for persistent organochlorine (OC) residues. In all species, p,p'-DDE was the most abundant individual OC compound detected, with geometric means ranging from 61 to 40,086 ng/g ww. The geometric mean for summation operator PCB ranged from 225 to 9184 ng/g ww. Migration(More)
OBJECTIVE The stabilization of C1-C2 segment has evolved with the appearance of several techniques from sublaminar, transarticular or interarticular fixation and over recent years with the introduction of neuronavegation systems. The aim of the study was to review patients treated in our center with transarticular and interarticualr fixation and compare the(More)
UNLABELLED There are various surgical approaches to treat Chiari I malformation. In spite of the good clinical results that are reported with most of them, there is still controversy about the optimal treatment of this pathology. OBJECTIVE To compare the clinical and radiological results of surgical treatment of the Chiari I malformation with suboccipital(More)
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