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This study demonstrates residual mental deficits in patients who have apparently recovered after closed head injury. Twenty closed head injury patients were compared to 20 normal control subjects matched for age, sex, handedness, education, language, and IQ. All received a series of neuropsychological tests. Discriminant function analysis significantly(More)
Dissatisfaction with the U.S. health care system is increasing despite impressive technologic advances. This dissatisfaction is one factor that has led patients to seek out complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) and led medical schools to start teaching CAM. This paper focuses on the University of Arizona's approach to developing and implementing a(More)
Techniques used to monitor the function of the seventh and eighth cranial nerves during acoustic neuroma and other posterior fossa surgery are reviewed. The auditory brainstem response (ABR), electrocochleogram (ECochG) and direct recording from the auditory nerve (CNAP) were compared. The best technique is the ECochG, although in many cases, the CNAP(More)
BACKGROUND Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) therapies are used more than conventional therapies by people with self-defined anxiety and depression. Preliminary evidence supports a hypothesis that low plasma concentration of essential fatty acids is associated with depression. Reported here is the result of a systematic review examining the(More)
The brainstem auditory-evoked potential (BAEP) is often employed to determine auditory threshold in subjects who are unable to complete traditional behavioural testing. These responses are usually recorded during natural or drug-induced sleep. The effects of sleep on the BAEP threshold have however not been determined. BAEPs were recorded in 8 young adults(More)
Urine samples from 36 workers exposed to dichlorobenzidine (DCB)-derived pigments and 12 controls were screened for aromatic amines by a nonspecific colorimetric method and then further analyzed by GC/MS specifically for DCB and monoacetyldichlorobenzidine. Of the samples screened for aromatic amines, six (17%) of the exposed population and one (7%) of the(More)
Background: Junior faculty in academic departments must make two critical decisions. One is how to allocate their time and resources between departmental citizenship tasks and their research pursuits. Another is whether to pursue their research alone or in a group. Little is known how faculty make these decisions, or how departmental policies influence(More)
Primary peritoneal mesothelioma is a rare and aggressive tumour. We present six consecutive cases treated by our institution in the last three years. All were between 56-65 years old and only one gave a history of direct contact with asbestos. Four of the patients showed a thrombocytosis on presentation but other blood tests and evaluation of ascitic fluid(More)