Irinder S Chopra

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Although they are one of the most common brain tumours in childhood, pilocytic astrocytomas are rare in adulthood. We report a series of three pilocytic astrocytomas presenting as an intra/suprasellar mass in the fourth to sixth decades of life. All three radiologically mimicked the appearance of a craniopharyngioma, thus representing a potential(More)
Giant pituitary adenomas causing hydrocephalus are rare (Scarone P, Losa M, Mortini P, Giovanelli M. J Neurooncol 2006;76:51-4; Zikel OM, Atkinson JL, Hurley DL. Mayo Clinical Proc 1999;74:475-7). Guidelines for management of this rare condition are missing. Here we present a five-case series collected over 22 years. We suggest that where the two conditions(More)
Activation of molecular hydrogen is the first step in producing many important industrial chemicals that have so far required expensive noble-metal catalysts and thermal activation. We demonstrate here that aluminium doped with very small amounts of titanium can activate molecular hydrogen at temperatures as low as 90 K. Using an approach that uses CO as a(More)
The formation of LiAlH(4)-THF by direct hydrogenation of Al and LiH in tetrahydrofuran (THF) was investigated using spectroscopic and computational methods. The molecular structures and free energies of the various possible adducts (THF-AlH(3), THF-LiH and THF-LiAlH(4)) present in a LiAlH(4)/THF solution were calculated and the dominant species were(More)
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