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Dear Editor, The generation of toxic oligomers during the aggregation of the 42-residue amyloid-b (Ab) peptide Ab42 into amyloid fibrils and plaques has emerged as a central feature of the onset and progression of Alzheimer's disease (AD). 1 Isomerization of an aspartic acid residue at position 7 is a common chemical modification of Ab42 isolated from brain(More)
Ion pump, Na,K-ATPase specifically binds cardiotonic steroids (CTS), which leads to inhibition of the enzyme activity and activation of signaling network in the cell. We have studied interaction of Na,K-ATPase with CTS of two different types - marinobufagenin and ouabain. We have shown that both CTS inhibit activity of Na,K-ATPase with the same Ki values,(More)
NOX5 protein, one of the most active generators of reactive oxygen species (ROS), plays an important role in many processes, including regulation of cell growth, death and differentiation. Because of its central role in ROS generation, it needs to be tightly regulated to guarantee cellular homeostasis. Contrary to other members of NADPH-oxidases family,(More)
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