Irina V. Novikova

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While functional roles of several long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) have been determined, the molecular mechanisms are not well understood. Here, we report the first experimentally derived secondary structure of a human lncRNA, the steroid receptor RNA activator (SRA), 0.87 kB in size. The SRA RNA is a non-coding RNA that coactivates several human sex hormone(More)
High affinity and specificity RNA-RNA binding interfaces can be constructed by combining pairs of GNRA loop/loop-receptor interaction motifs. These interactions can be fused using flexible four-way junction motifs to create divalent, self-assembling scaffolding units ('tecto-RNA') that have favorable properties for nanomedicine and other applications. We(More)
Riboswitch operation involves the complex interplay between the aptamer domain and the expression platform. During transcription, these two domains compete against each other for shared sequence. In this study, we explore the cooperative effects of ligand binding and Magnesium interactions in the SAM-I riboswitch in the context of aptamer collapse and(More)
RNAs are important catalytic machines and regulators at every level of gene expression. A new class of RNAs has emerged called long non-coding RNAs, providing new insights into evolution, development and disease. Long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) predominantly found in higher eukaryotes, have been implicated in the regulation of transcription factors,(More)
We study the modification of a traditional electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT) stored light technique that includes both EIT and four-wave mixing (FWM) in an ensemble of hot Rb atoms. The standard treatment of light storage involves the coherent and reversible mapping of one photonic mode onto a collective spin coherence. It has been shown that(More)
We observed squeezed vacuum light at 795 nm in (87)Rb vapor via resonant polarization self-rotation and report noise sidebands suppression of approximately 1 dB below shot-noise level spanning from 30 kHz to 1.2 MHz frequencies. To our knowledge, this is the first demonstration of submegahertz quadrature vacuum squeezing in atomic systems. The spectral(More)
We suggest a technique based on the transfer of topological charge from applied laser radiation to directional and coherent optical fields generated in ladder-type excited atomic media to identify the major processes responsible for their appearance. As an illustration, in Rb vapors, we analyze transverse intensity and phase profiles of the forward-directed(More)
We report on experimentally observed addition, subtraction, and cancellation of orbital angular momentum (OAM) in the process of parametric four-wave mixing that results in frequency up- and down-converted emission in Rb vapor. Specific features of OAM transfer from resonant laser fields with different optical topological charges to the spatially and(More)