Irina Utkina

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We show that the population ecology of the 9- to 10-year cyclic, broadleaf-defoliating winter moth (Operophtera brumata) and other early-season geometrids cannot be fully understood on a local scale unless population behaviour is known on a European scale. Qualitative and quantitative data on O. brumata outbreaks were obtained from published sources and(More)
Whereas screening of the small-molecule metabolites produced by most cultivatable microorganisms often results in the rediscovery of known compounds, genome-mining programs allow researchers to harness much greater chemical diversity, and result in the discovery of new molecular scaffolds. Here we report the genome-guided identification of a new antibiotic,(More)
We consider a fractional 0-1 programming problem arising in manufacturing. The problem consists in clustering of machines together with parts processed on these machines into manufacturing cells so that intra-cell processing of parts is maximized and inter-cell movement is minimized. This problem is called Cell Formation Problem (CFP) and it is an NP-hard(More)
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