Irina Topalova

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The subjective evaluation of marbles based on their visual appearance could be replaced by an automated texture classification system, intending to achieve high classification accuracy and production effectiveness. The existing marble classification methods from a computational point of view are either too complex or very expensive. Nowadays some inspection(More)
The process of sorting marble plates according to their surface texture is an important task in the automated marble plate production. Nowadays some inspection systems in marble industry that automate the classification tasks are too expensive and are compatible only with specific technological equipment in the plant. In this paper a new approach to the(More)
A dynamic gamma-camera scintigraphy is proposed as a combined method, providing morphological and functional picture for the presence of eventual pathological changes in the region of ovaries. After detailed description of the method results from the examination of 45 women are presented: 35 suffered from diseases, involving adnexal region and 10--are(More)
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