Irina Todoran Koitz

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With the new trend of shifting from traditional architectures towards Service-Oriented Architectures (SOAs) today, the need to model integration becomes increasingly apparent. This study analyzes two main approaches for SOA integration modeling: using Unified Modeling Language (UML) and Service-oriented architecture Modeling Language(SoaML), having as a(More)
The number of available cloud services has recently grown considerably. Therefore, consumers demand new methods for choosing the appropriate cloud services for their needs, whereas providers require dedicated ways to correctly elicit requirements from very heterogeneous consumers. In this poster, we present the StakeCloud community platform. This will act(More)
Social networks have changed our daily life and they have the potential to significantly influence and support Requirements Engineering (RE) activities. Social network-based RE approaches will allow us to overcome limitations of traditional approaches and allow end users to play a more prominent role in RE. They are key stakeholders in many software(More)
Requirements elicitation is widely seen as a crucial step towards delivering successful software. In the context of emerging cloud systems, the question is whether and how the elicitation process differs from that used for traditional systems, and if the current methods suffice. We interviewed 19 cloud providers to gain an in-depth understanding of the(More)
With the recent emergence of cloud computing, the number of cloud service providers is constantly increasing and consumers’ needs are becoming more sophisticated. This situation leads to an evident need for methods which enable providers to correctly elicit requirements coming from very heterogeneous consumers. Moreover, consumers demand ways to find the(More)
In software and requirements engineering, requirements elicitation is considered an essential step towards building successful systems. Despite extensive existing research in the field of distributed requirements engineering, the topic of requirements elicitation for cloud systems remains still uncovered. Cloud challenges (e.g., heterogeneous and globally(More)
Applying appropriate requirements elicitation techniques is a vital precondition for delivering successful systems. When eliciting requirements for cloud services, however, existing methods such as workshops are challenged and some are even rendered obsolete. Therefore, we interviewed 19 cloud provider companies to understand the current state of practice(More)
Requirements elicitation is indispensable for delivering successful services. Nevertheless, cloud service providers mostly rely on ad-hoc approaches, as there are no dedicated elicitation methods for cloud services. To address this problem, we developed the StakeCloud approach, which helps cloud providers elicit requirements for future cloud services.(More)
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