Irina Solovieva

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Seven cellulase preparations from Penicillium and Trichoderma spp. were evaluated for their ability to hydrolyze the cellulose fraction of hardwoods (yellow poplar and red maple) pretreated by organosolv extraction, as well as model cellulosic substrates such as filter paper. There was no significant correlation among hydrolytic performance on pretreated(More)
The classical Bielschowsky-Gross neurohistological method was used to reproduce all the morphological phenomena interpreted by many authors as signs of neuron division, budding, and fission. It is suggested that these signs are associated with the effects of enucleation, which occurs in many cells of other tissue types in response to a variety of chemical(More)
Five anti-gastrin releasing peptide (GRP) sera have been characterized against GRP, bombesin and related polypeptides spotted on cellulose acetate discs. Antibodies reacting with the C-terminal G-14 sequence of bombesin and the 19-27 sequence of GRP, were detected in all sera. Antibodies directed exclusively against the bombesin unrelated 1-17 sequence of(More)
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