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DNN-Based Acoustic Modeling for Russian Speech Recognition Using Kaldi
In the paper, we describe a research of DNN-based acoustic modeling for Russian speech recognition. Training and testing of the system was performed using the open-source Kaldi toolkit. We createdExpand
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Very Large Vocabulary ASR for Spoken Russian with Syntactic and Morphemic Analysis
In this paper, we present a word-based very large vocabulary automatic speech recognition system for Russian. Some novel methods are proposed for organization of the lexicon and the language model.Expand
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Lexicon Size and Language Model Order Optimization for Russian LVCSR
In this paper, the comparison of 2,3,4-gram language models with various lexicon sizes is presented. The text data forming the training corpus has been collected from recent Internet news sites;Expand
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HAVRUS Corpus: High-Speed Recordings of Audio-Visual Russian Speech
In this paper we present a software-hardware complex for collection of audio-visual speech databases with a high-speed camera and a dynamic microphone. We describe the architecture of the developedExpand
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Large vocabulary Russian speech recognition using syntactico-statistical language modeling
Speech is the most natural way of human communication and in order to achieve convenient and efficient human-computer interaction implementation of state-of-the-art spoken language technology isExpand
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An Assistive Bi-modal User Interface Integrating Multi-channel Speech Recognition and Computer Vision
In this paper, we present a bi-modal user interface aimed both for assistance to persons without hands or with physical disabilities of hands/arms, and for contactless HCI with able-bodied users asExpand
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Analysis of long-distance word dependencies and pronunciation variability at conversational Russian speech recognition
The key issues of conversational Russian speech processing at phonemic and language model levels are considered in the work. The multiple transcriptions for modeling word pronunciation variety andExpand
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Speech recognition for east Slavic languages: the case of Russian
In this paper, we present a survey of state-of-the-art systems for automatic processing of recognition of under-resourced languages of the Eastern Europe, in particular, East Slavic languagesExpand
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Using a High-Speed Video Camera for Robust Audio-Visual Speech Recognition in Acoustically Noisy Conditions
The purpose of this study is to develop a robust audio-visual speech recognition system and to investigate the influence of a high-speed video data on the recognition accuracy of continuous RussianExpand
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Modeling of Pronunciation, Language and Nonverbal Units at Conversational Russian Speech Recognition
The main problems of a conversational Russian speech recognition system development are variability of pronunciation, free word-order in sentences and presence of speech disfluencies. In the paper,Expand
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