Irina Razumova

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In a s e r i e s of invest igat ions by Belous et al. [2, 3], the specif ic i ty of the effect of exogenous bone RNA on regenera t ion of injured bones, on the synthesis of collagen in them, and on the intensif icat ion of synthes i s of endogenous RNA was demons t ra ted . Alekseev and Konyshev [1] found an i nc rea se in the ra te of growth of the l i ve(More)
F re sh cy toplasmic RNA f rom the l iver of r a t s was injected into r a t s during chronic CCI 4 poisoning and in the per iod of r egenera t ion a f te r poisoning for 2 months . In the second case , a f te r the end of CC14 poisoning, adminis t ra t ion of RNA reduced the col lagen content and r e " s tored the no rma l t ryptophan p y r r o l a s e act(More)
The authors describe a mehtod of bloodless exposure of the sciatic nerve in rats, of placing it on the light conductor, and of the preparation of microscope MBI-6 for the intravital study of microhemocirculation in the epineurium of the sciatic nerve. Different types of the microvessel network of rat are demonstrated.
The ef fec t of i n t r a m u s c u l a r inject ion of total cy top lasmic and nuclear RNA and of thei r hyd ro lys i s p roducts on the r a t e of r egene ra t ion of nerve f ibers of the divided scia t ic nerve was studied. Inject ion of RNA was found to s t imulate r egenera t ion of the nerve f ibers , e s pec ia l ly in the e a r l y per iods of r(More)
A bloodless method of isolating the sciatic nerve in rats, placing it on a light guide, and adapting the MBI-6 microscope for the intravital study of the microcirculation of blood in the epineurium of the sciatic nerve is described. Variations in the microvascular network of the epineurium in rats are demonstrated.