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We use Møller's energy-momentum complex in order to explicitly compute the energy and momentum density distributions for an exact solution of Einstein's field equations with a negative cosmological constant minimally coupled to a static massless scalar field in a static, spherically symmetric background in (2 + 1)-dimensions.
We calculate the energy distribution in a static spherically symmetric nonsingular black hole space-time by using the Tolman's energy-momentum complex. All the calculations are performed in quasi-Cartesian coordinates. The energy distribution is positive everywhere and be equal to zero at origin. We get the same result as obtained by Y-Ching Yang by using(More)
The paper presents the scientific perspective of a research project in communication systems for people with neuro-muscular disabilities. The project promotes research connected to the design and implementation of an electronic system designated for the communication with people with major neuro-muscular disabilities. At international level, considerable(More)
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