Irina Palchikova

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The genome size of Cyclops in cells at early stages of cleavage (up to the fifth division) and in somatic cells was estimated by static digital Feulgen cytophotometry in order to study quantitative changes in DNA content during chromatin diminution. Described here cytophotometric method was approbated on five different digital-imaging systems in blood cells(More)
This work has proposed a new theoretical approach to analysis of histograms of DNA content, which are obtained by the method of flow cytometry, in cells of Drosophila melanogaster imaginal discs. The precision of measurements of the DNA amount in G1 and G2(M) phases has been shown to be limited by precision of instrument tuning of zero of the flow(More)
We propose that multiview wavelets can be used in processing multiview images. The reference functions for the synthesis/analysis of multiview images are described. The synthesized binary images were observed experimentally as three-dimensional visual images. The symmetric multiview B-spline wavelets are proposed. The locations recognized in the continuous(More)
Basing on the theory for arbitrary oriented surfaces, we developed the theory of the moiré effect for cylindrical single-layer objects in the paraxial approximation. With using the dual grids, the moiré effect in the plane gratings is simulated, as well as the near-axis moiré effect in cylinders including the chiral layouts. The results can be applied to(More)
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