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We hypothesise that it is possible to determine a fine-grained set of sentiment values over and above the simple three-way positive/neutral/negative or binary Like/Dislike distinctions by examining textual formatting features. We show that this is possible for online comments about ten different categories of products. In the context of online shopping and(More)
Follow this and additional works at: http://www.repository.law.indiana.edu/ipt Part of the Commercial Law Commons, Comparative and Foreign Law Commons, Contracts Commons, European Law Commons, Intellectual Property Law Commons, International Law Commons, International Trade Law Commons, Internet Law Commons, Jurisprudence Commons, Legislation Commons,(More)
The aim of our work was to study anthropometric characteristics of jaws for Uzbek people with an orthognathic bite. Material and Methods: The study included 42 ethnic Uzbeks (20 women and 22 men) aged from 17 to 25 years with a developed orthognatic bite; the control group consisted of the 25 ageand sex-matched Caucasians and Southern Altaians (mongoloids).(More)
There are various factors that affect the sentiment level expressed in textual comments. Capitalization of letters tends to mark something for attention and repeating of letters tends to strengthen the emotion. Emoticons are used to help visualize facial expressions which can affect understanding of text. In this paper, we show the effect of the number of(More)
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