Irina P. Zaitseva

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The primary aim of the current study is to estimate the effect of different physical activity levels on hair trace element content in male and female students. A total of 113 students (59 women and 54 men) of P. G. Demidov Yaroslavl State University (Yaroslavl, Russia) took part in the current investigation. According to the level of the physical activity,(More)
Treatments were comparatively analyzed in two groups comprising 106 patients with respiratory sarcoidosis. One group of patients (n = 52) was treated with conventional therapy (corticosteroid hormones as tablets or aerosols, physiotherapy, SWF, plaquenil, antioxidants, the other (n = 54) received combined therapy (plasmapheresis, reduced hormone dosage,(More)
Conducted with the participation of 50 students of military educational study the effect of various vitamin and mineral complexes for the provision by the body naturally iron, copper and manganese on the immune and physical status. Found that diets enriched BMV was accompanied by a significant delay in the micro-elements, mainly iron, which indicates a(More)
Based on the follow-up of 1,600 patients with sarcoidosis from 1971 to 1996, the authors analyzed the value of various methods for identifying the disease, the frequency and nature of misdiagnoses. They showed the efficiency of basic treatments in patients with sarcoidosis: corticosteroidal hormones, nonhormonal antiinflammatory drugs, plasmapheresis, and(More)
Examinations of 22 young unarmed self-defence sportsmen and 18 untrained schoolchildren indicated that the indices of nonspecific immunity defence--serum complement and lysozyme--depended on a season rather than on a motor activity regimen. Changes in the concentrations of hemoglobin and plasma iron were also obviously seasonal. These indices were the least(More)
In was defined that 2-week intake by senior school pupils of iron-containing supplements combined with an ascorbic acid was followed by a significant increase of iron concentration in plasma and formal blood elements, hemoglobin and erythrocytes level, increase of vitamin C provision and physical performance efficiency at simultaneous decrease of copper and(More)
According to examination, with the help of emission spectrum analysis method, of 24 cadets-athletes of different specialization it was determined that during physical exercise in summer and in winter loss of ferrum and copper with excrements exceeded the intake if these microelements with food. The next day rise of impaction of microelements and decrease of(More)
Measurements of minerals and vitamins in forge workers throughout the year revealed that in autumn and winter blood levels of iron, hemoglobin, the activity of peroxidase and ceruloplasmin, dietary levels of iron, copper and manganese were higher than in spring and summer. Iron and copper metabolism was closely related to total protein in the serum and(More)
Through correlation analysis, direct and proved interrelationships were established between the copper and iron exchange indices on the one hand, and the blood serum general protein levels and vitamin C sufficiency on the other. The blood serum copper levels and ceruloplasmin activity correlated with the blood serum alpha-globulins, whereas gamma-globulins(More)