Irina P Ivanova

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A model of experimental detachment of the retina in adult newts Pleurodeles waltl was used for studies of internal sources of the neural retina regeneration. Changes in morphology, localization, behavior, and abundance of the cells of various retinal layers were studied on serial semithin and ultrathin sections of the retina taken at different times after(More)
Topographical relationships of neurosecretory axons with the capillaries of the primary portal plexus were studied in the median eminence of rats from the 14th fetal till the 9th postnatal day by means of electron microscopy combined with morphometric analysis. Special attention was given to the light and electron microscopic immunocytochemical examination(More)
Two-staged technology for obtaining polyclonal T cell vaccine intended for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis is described. Stage 1 includes antigen-dependent cultural selection of patient's T cells and stage 2 consists in their reproduction in the needed amounts by nonspecific mitogenic stimulation. T cell vaccination induces an effective specific(More)
Nucleated erythroid cells (EC) have been previously reported to possess a potent natural suppressor (NS) activity for B-cell responses. In this study, we demonstrate that murine EC are able to reduce not only lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-driven B-cell proliferation, but also proliferative and cytotoxic T-cell responses generated in a primary allogeneic mixed(More)
An electron microscopic study has been carried out in order to examine the permeability of the blood-brain barrier in the median eminence of perinatal rats. After several minutes, intravascularly injected electron-dense tracers (lanthanum nitrate; horseradish peroxidase, 40000 MW1, ferritin, 500000 MW) pass the capillary wall, the perivascular space, and(More)
Patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) were treated with a cellular vaccine, which consisted of autologous collagen-reactive T-cells. This study showed that antigen-specific proliferative activity of the peripheral blood mononuclear cells was significantly downregulated after T-cell vaccination in RA patients. T-cell vaccination resulted in a statistically(More)
Conventional drug therapy for moderate atopic or mixed bronchial asthma was combined with normobaric hypoxytherapy (NBHT) in 32 patients (a course of 10 sessions) and was not combined in 20 control patients. Clinical results show that NBHT enhances response to conventional therapy of moderate bronchial asthma as confirmed by a significant relief of the(More)
We investigated cytoplasmic RNA from the peripheral blood cells of pollinosis patients. Increased levels of IL-I mRNA were registered in neutrophils of patients suffering from pollinosis for a long time. Neutrophils from patients at the time of exacerbation of pollinosis responded to stimuli less than the cells from healthy donors. During remission the(More)