Irina Novikova

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We demonstrate experimentally a procedure to obtain the maximum efficiency for the storage and retrieval of light pulses in atomic media. The procedure uses time-reversal to obtain optimal input signal pulse shapes. Experimental results in warm Rb vapor are in good agreement with theoretical predictions and demonstrate a substantial improvement of(More)
We propose a new method of resonant enhancement of optical Kerr nonlinearity that uses multilevel atomic coherence. The enhancement is accompanied by suppression of the other linear and nonlinear susceptibility terms of the medium. We show that the effect results in a modification of the nonlinear Faraday rotation of light propagating in an 87Rb vapor cell(More)
We demonstrate that first-order light shifts can be canceled for an all-optical, three-photon-absorption resonance (N-resonance) on the D1 transition of 87Rb. This light-shift cancellation facilitates improved frequency stability for an N-resonance clock. For example, by using a tabletop apparatus designed for N-resonance spectroscopy, we measured a(More)
We report on the first observation of optically excited surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs) in the conducting phase of vanadium dioxide (VO(2)) thin films. VO(2) is low-loss optical material that undergoes an insulator-metal transition (IMT) under suitable thermal, optical, or electrical stimulation, thus enabling tunable SPP excitation of the conducting(More)
We study the modification of a traditional electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT) stored light technique that includes both EIT and four-wave mixing (FWM) in an ensemble of hot Rb atoms. The standard treatment of light storage involves the coherent and reversible mapping of one photonic mode onto a collective spin coherence. It has been shown that(More)
In a recent paper [Y. Xiao et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 96, 043601 (2006)] we characterized diffusion-induced Ramsey narrowing as a general phenomenon, in which diffusion of coherence in-and-out of an interaction region such as a laser beam induces spectral narrowing of the associated resonance lineshape. Here we provide a detailed presentation of the repeated(More)
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