Irina Nikolova

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The development oforganic agriculture in Bulgarian in recent years has become more topical in connection with the modern requirements for protection of the environment. This study was conducted to investigate the possibility for organic cultivation of common vetch (Vicia sativa L., cultivars ‘Obrazets 666’ and ‘Tempo’) and the changes in terms of forage(More)
The marketing management includes analysis of market opportunities, selection of target markets, planning, developing and implementing of marketing strategies, monitoring and result control. The object of the present study was to analyse the marketing approaches applied for non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) in Bulgaria. The performed SWOT(More)
The paper represents inference model that combines results from several different data sources. The model makes exclusive use of context properties as context is used to determine the mode different sources are combined. The mode of combining is dynamically set regarding both global and local characteristics of the context. This complicated combination(More)
The synthesis of some aliphatic and arylaliphatic amides of caffeine-8-thioglycolic acid was studied. The structures of synthesized compounds were proved by micro-analyses, IR- and 1H NMR data. Values of acute p.o. and i.p. toxicity in mice show lower toxicity compared to caffeine. Declines in spontaneous locomotor activity support the idea of depressive(More)
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