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This article focuses upon programs for undergraduate women in science and engineering, which are a strategic research site in the study of gender, science, and higher education. The design involves both quantitative and qualitative approaches, linking theory, method, questions, and analyses in ways not undertaken previously. Using a comprehensive,(More)
This paper presents the theory of Secondary Representation of modules over a commu-tative ring and their Attached Primes; introduced in 1973 by I. MacDonald as a dual to the important theory of associated primes and primary decomposition in commutative algebra. The paper explores many of the basic aspects of the theory of primary decomposition and(More)
F-11 lubricant is used in synthetic fibers industry for the polyamide fibers processing. LD50 in intragastric administration is over 11,000 mg/kg. Acute action threshold (limac) is 180 mg/m3 (as evidenced by changes of the investigatory reflex). Chronic action threshold (limch) is 100 mg/m3. MAC in the air is 5 mg/m3, hazard class III. F-11 lubricant is a(More)
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