Irina N. Kolosok

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Creation of satellite communication systems gave rise to a new generation of measurement equipment – Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU). Integrated into the measurement system WAMS, the PMU sensors provide a real picture of state of energy power system (EPS). The issues of PMU placement when solving the problem of EPS state estimation (SE) are discussed in many(More)
The smart grid concept implies using FACTS devices as one of basic elements of the electric power system (EPS). To form the model for the EPS current state, state estimation (SE) methods are used. The EPS control quality depends on the obtained model compliance with EPS's real state. Until recently, the models for the present-day FACTS devices based on(More)
The advent of next generation devices for synchronized phasor measurements (voltage and current values in lines) –PMUmakes it possible to realize linear algorithms of state estimation. The paper suggests the development of the test equation technique for linear state estimation of power system facilities that are monitored on the basis of PMU measurements.(More)
The objective trends in electric power systems (EPSs) call for prompter and more adequate response of control systems. New smart measurement, communication and control tools, information and computer technologies can be used to improve EPS controllability. The distinctive features of the Unified Energy System (UES) of Russia are discussed and the current(More)
Electric power systems are rather complicated objects for modeling, investigation and control because of many elements and complex structure. Comprehensive multi-functional software is necessary to study multi-dimensional systems of the kind. The problems of current state estimation should be solved for monitoring of electric power system operation(More)
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