Irina Medvedev

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— A method for predicting packet error rates in MIMO-OFDM WLAN systems is presented. The method is based on using post-detection SNRs as an abstraction of the physical layer, and is motivated by the need for a simple and efficient way of modelling the physical layer in system level simulation scenarios involving multiple stations. The physical layer(More)
— This paper presents two transmission techniques for MIMO OFDM communication, referred to as spatial spreading and eigenvector steering. Spatial spreading is used when the transmitting station is not presumed to have sufficient channel state information to compute optimum steering vectors. This situation may occur for a variety of reasons, including poor(More)
The multiple-access interference (MAI) encountered by Direct-Sequence Code-Division Multiple Access (DS-CDMA) users in a multipath fading environment is a key issue in the detection of mobile communication users. The MAI is one of the major reasons for the degradation in performance of multiuser communication systems over single-user systems. Although the(More)
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