Irina Marinov

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One of the most puzzling facts in ocean biogeochem-istry is that only about half the inventory of dissolved nitrate and phosphate is directly associated with carbon. This can easily be seen by considering the inventories of phosphate and oxygen in the deep ocean. The ratio of phosphate remineralization to oxygen utilization is around 1:170 for the deep(More)
Modelling studies have demonstrated that the nutrient and carbon cycles in the Southern Ocean play a central role in setting the air-sea balance of CO(2) and global biological production. Box model studies first pointed out that an increase in nutrient utilization in the high latitudes results in a strong decrease in the atmospheric carbon dioxide partial(More)
We use a novel satellite time series of size-partitioned phytoplankton biomass to construct and analyze classical and novel seasonality metrics. Biomass is computed from SeaWiFS ocean color data using retrievals of the particle size distribution with the KSM09 algorithm and existing allometric relationships to convert volume to carbon. The phenological(More)
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