Irina M Martynova

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Spontaneous symmetry breaking in reactive systems, known as a rare physical phenomenon and for the Soai autocatalytic irreversible reaction, might in principle also occur in other, more common asymmetric reactions when the chiral product is capable to promote its formation and an element of "nonlinearity" is involved in the reaction scheme. Such phenomena(More)
Using DNA flow cytofluorimetry technique, the effect of ionizing and gamma irradiation on cell cycle in Chinese hamster cells of clone CHO K1 773 and of its derivative EBR-30 resistant to ethidium bromide was examined. Irradiation in doses of 1 and 5.5 Gr leads to a reduced rate of cell passing from G1 into S phase, to a prolonged S phase and to a larger(More)
Analysis of cell distribution through phases of the cell cycle by the method of DNA flow cytofluorimetry has been utilized to investigate effects of UV light on the first cycle after irradiation in asynchronous Chinese hamster cells with different UV-sensitivity: V79 cell line (UV resistant cells) and UV-sensitive clones CHS2 and XII. Immediately after(More)
The distribution of cells through the phases of the cell cycle by DNA flow cytofluorimetry was analysed to investigate the effects of UV irradiation on cell cycle progression in asynchronous Chinese hamster cells with different UV-sensitivity: cell line V79 (UV-resistant cells), and UV-sensitive clones: B6, CHS1, CHS2 and XII. The UV-irradiated cultures(More)
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