Irina Lubarski-Gotliv

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The FXYD proteins are a family of small membrane proteins that share an invariant four amino acid signature motif F-X-Y-D and act as tissue-specific regulatory subunits of the Na,K-ATPase. FXYD5 (also termed dysadherin or RIC) is a structurally and functionally unique member of the FXYD family. As other FXYD proteins, FXYD5 specifically interacts with the(More)
FXYD5 is a Na+-K+-ATPase regulator, expressed in a variety of normal epithelia. In parallel, it has been found to be associated with several types of cancer and effect lethal outcome by promoting metastasis. However, the molecular mechanism underlying FXYD5 mediated invasion has not yet been identified. In this study, using in vivo 4T1 murine breast cancer(More)
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