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The extent of mastoid pneumatization in 150 otosclerotic ears was compared with that of 150 healthy control ears. The size of mastoid pneumatization was measured by use of the Schüller lateral x-ray projection with the help of computed planimetry. The measurements showed the average pneumatized area in otosclerotic ears to be 17.4 +/- 5 cm2, in contrast to(More)
BACKGROUND Factor V (FV) in its activated form, FVa, is a critical regulator of thrombin generation during fibrin clot formation. There is a need of a simple, fast, and inexpensive microplate-based coagulation assay to measure the functional activity of FV in human plasma. The objective of this study was to develop a microplate-based assay that measures FV(More)
A study of Eustachian tube measurement in infants and children is presented. The study included 33 Eustachian tubes from normal temporal bones and 10 Eustachian tubes from temporal bones harboring acute otitis media. The temporal bones underwent histologic serial sectioning. The lumen of the first portion of the Eustachian tubes, i.e., the pharyngeal part,(More)