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The regulation of mitochondrial RNA processing and its importance for ribosome biogenesis and energy metabolism are not clear. We generated conditional knockout mice of the endoribonuclease component of the RNase P complex, MRPP3, and report that it is essential for life and that heart and skeletal-muscle-specific knockout leads to severe cardiomyopathy,(More)
The study was based on the follow-up of 20 patients with systemic juvenile rheumatoid arthritis who received intravenous immunoglobulin. The study comparatively analyzed the efficiency of the therapy alone and in combination with steroids. The immunoglobulin was shown to have positive effects on both articular and extraarticular manifestations of the(More)
Mammalian mitochondrial RNAs are unique as they are derived from primary transcripts that encompass almost the entire mitochondrial genome. This necessitates extensive processing to release the individual mRNAs, rRNAs and tRNAs required for gene expression. Recent studies have revealed many of the proteins required for mitochondrial RNA processing, however(More)
Mitochondrial gene expression is essential for energy production; however, an understanding of how it can influence physiology and metabolism is lacking. Several proteins from the pentatricopeptide repeat (PPR) family are essential for the regulation of mitochondrial gene expression, but the functions of the remaining members of this family are poorly(More)
Certain specific features of the present epidemic situation with hepatitis B (HB) in Russia were established: significant growth of HB morbidity, starting from 1995; the prevalence of persons aged 15-29 years among HB patients, which was linked with the sharp activation of the sexual route of the transmission of HB virus in recent years; an essential(More)
Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) has been a powerful tool to investigate gene networks in biological sciences [1]. Visualisation of data produced by NGS is essential for the interpretation of the findings by biological scientists. Here we describe a workflow to image findings from a NGS sequencing methodology to investigate gene expression that can be(More)
In biological research machine learning algorithms are part of nearly every analytical process. They are used to identify new insights into biological phenomena, interpret data, provide molecular diagnosis for diseases and develop personalized medicine that will enable future treatments of diseases. In this paper we (1) illustrate the importance of machine(More)
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