Irina Komarovskaya

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This study examined the relationship between killing or seriously injuring someone in the line of duty and mental health symptoms in a sample of police officers (N = 400) who were first assessed during academy training and at five additional time points over three years. We found that nearly 10% of police officers reported having to kill or seriously injure(More)
Our study examines the trauma-related experiences of 203 female prison inmates, most of whom had experienced chronic trauma throughout their lives but among whom only 51 percent met diagnostic criteria for PTSD. We used the two groups to study differences in trauma exposure and pre-existent psychopathology as they related to the emergence of full diagnostic(More)
p. 129). More recently the bioethicist Leon Kass (1997) has written about " the wisdom of repugnance. " He urges policy makers and the public to avoid judging technological innovations such as cloning on purely utilitarian grounds; rather, people should take into account their feelings of disgust, for such feelings tell us about boundaries that we should(More)
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