Irina Karadjova

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A method is described for direct electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometric (ETAAS) determination of cadmium in untreated samples of wine. Pyrolytic graphite tubes and graphite tubes with standard L'vov pyrolytic platforms were tested as atomizers. The detection limit achieved was 0.08 microg L(-1) Cd in wine. The relative standard deviation for the(More)
Populations of medicinal plants growing on serpentines and their respective soils were analyzed for Fe, Ni, Mn, Cr, Co, Cd, Cu, Zn, and Pb using inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry. Aqua regia extraction and 0.43 M acetic acid extraction were used for the quantification of pseudototal and bioavailable fractions, respectively, of elements(More)
The copper(II)-histidine complex obtained following dialysis of human plasma with histidine was investigated using various types of extraction systems and ion exchange resins. According to the results obtained, the Cu(II)-histidine complex formed under the dialysis conditions has one positive charge. Preconcentration of copper from the dialysis solution was(More)
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